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Welcome to Cocoon Coatings Weekly Web Update.

Cocoon Coatings provides the following services to the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, and beyond:
  • Solar Reflective Coating: roof and wall paint in a range of common colours which reduces the solar energy that is captured by your building in order to reduce internal temperatures. You'll notice the difference on hot days, as you'll be reaching for the 'on' switch of your air conditioner less often.
  • Water Proofing Membranes: liquid-applied product that forms a continuous and solid barrier against leaks. Why wait for the leaks to start? Our membranes contain solar reflective properties to also reduce your building's internal temperature, and the sooner you apply, the more energy you'll save.
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings: Increase your factory floor's lifecycle by getting an environmentally-friendly coating in place. When Cocoon took over a floor coating company, we searched for a product that would reduce air pollution, which benefits our installers and the site employees. We apply a range of coatings, and can implement OH&S line markings to your facility needs.
  • Asbestos Encapsulation: The asbestos insullation of certain roofing materials can become exposed due to decay and damage, start to fray, and potentially become airborne. Asbestos is a hazard to the local population. Removal of the roofing can be costly, but Cocoon Coatings offers a solution which traps, and hardens the loose material. By filling in the porous gaps, the encapsulation will prevent further deterioration.
  • End-to-End Energy Solutions: Cocoon Coatings has partnered with other Energy Savings businesses in the Knox region of Melbourne to provide expert energy savings solutions as The Energy Savings Consortium (TESC). Our full range of member services includes: Energy Auditing, Return on Investment Calculation, Product Recommendations, and full Installations.
Cocoon Coatings will use this space to discuss our products & services, promote offers and deals for our potential clients, and highlight past and current projects.

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